Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuit De Filles Dehors!

This past thursday night was "Girlz Night Out" honoring the special occasion of the birthdays of two of my close "girlfriends" Tanya (left) and Jillian (right). We went out for Sushi...something I love but I had never gone out to a resteraunt for it. I had only had my brother-in-law's and Jillian's...which were both delicous!
So anyway, we went in my sebring convertable...which made the night even more fun. Jillian doesn't think that she's ever been in a convertable before. It's hard for me to imagine never being in one, cause I love mine and whenever I'm driving...if I'm without the kids and it's not raining...you can pretty much bet that the top will be down. But I will say, I have not ever had the opportunity to ride in a convertable full of girlz...it was a blast! There was, of course, one spot empty. Our friend Shauna was supposed to come with us but was unable to make it...Missed you lots Girl! Hopefully next time you will be with us!

Well as you can probably tell from the pics...we had a lot of fun! Lots of crazy, silly, giddy girl fun! I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to get a little more closely bonded with my Girlz. Jilian is the Sushi Queen (she has tried several varieties of sushi already) so we could ask her advice on what was good and what was delicious! I couldn't believe how good some of that stuff was! Now, up till that night I don't think I have ever had any raw meat of any kind....boy did I make up for it on thursday...I had yellow tail, salmon, tuna, and eel. I know! I know! Eel? But it was so good, and the eel sauce they top it with was really delicious!
So about the birthday stuff! We brought the gifts into the resteraunt...I got the girls some shirts from Aeropostale and some necklaces. Tanya got Jillian a Vera Bradley purse and wallet and Jillian got Tanya a one of a kind Monogramed necklace with monogramed T on one side and "Mon Ami" on the other...which is "My Friend" in French. You should visit the link to the necklace...I am friends with the lady who makes these and she does a scectacular job on them! Lots of creativity there!

So after dinner...the resteraunt staff and half the of resteraunt costumers sang "Happy Birthday" to the girls and gave them their birthday "ice cream" and everyone clapped and screamed and cheered....it was really hillarious and so much fun.

I can't wait for the next occasion shared with you girls...I love you all!

P.S. Nuit De Filles Dehors! in the blog title is Girls Night Out! in French!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Your night out sounds like fun. Im suffering today because of my night out last night. I had a few too many cocktails!

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