Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Brother, Jeremy...

Ok, so this is starting to seem a little like a family reunion! The same week my sister drove down to Alabama my brother also came down, only...he is just one hour from where I live in Florida. He made the move so that he could attend Bible School for the next three years. Ooooh...I am so excited! He'll be able too see us every two weeks! This past friday he drove over to my house and spent the night till Sunday and attended church with me and heand I got to sing together.
This is the same church we grew up in, so Sunday he was able to see people he has not seen in nine years.
I am so proud of him! He is 18 now, called to preach and he no longer seems like my "little brother". Yep, somewhere along the line he became a man and I wasn't there to see it...but I am so happy he is close now...I'm going to enjoy this!

Seeing her Uncle Jeremy for the first time in a year and a half!


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