Sunday, September 7, 2008

On The Road...

So last tuesday night, around 9:00 pm, after a blurr of packing and getting things organized, our family of four loaded as comfortably as we could into a minivan...(the children in their night gowns) and began the 8 hour trip to Parsons Tennessee, which actually ended up being 10 hours. Don drove the first three hour stretch till we got to a good long stretch on the interstate for me to drive. So pinging on a small coffee buzz, I climbed behind the wheel of the van at midnight while Don caught some Zzzz's. With him and both the children sound asleep and my buzz starting to wear started getting harder to keep my eyes open. Listening to music wasn't helping, it was only making things worse. I needed some preaching or something. But in the rush to get out the door, we had forgotten to bring some I started browsing radio stations trying to find some news or something....but notta! I ended up settling for Sports Talk Radio (uggh!)...which is really way off the spectrum of things that interest me...but the quick banter between the sports commentaters was helping my eyes stay open. Not to mention all the semi-trucks swerving into my lane...that's a major shot in the arm! Then about five coffee's later, at about 3:00 am...I could go on no longer. So Don took over till we got into Parsons then one more bathroom break...and I drove the final ten minute stretch to their house. I'll never forget the way my heart caught in my throught when I saw their house number seemed like I had waited so long for this....and now....I was finally here!

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