Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carson's Surgery

As you all may remember, several months ago I told you that carson would be having surgery at Sacred Heart, (a procedure that is linked with his circumcision). Well, the surgery has come and gone so I figured I should post some pics from that day. They are just too cute!

My cute "before" picture

Getting ready for that unflattering hospital garb!

They're going to do WHAT to me?

Maybe if I bite this ear it will help...

Getting my temp. checked...

Me and my teddy gettin' all ready!

Look at the cute little blood pressure thingy!

I know! I look just pitiful...don't I?

My litte IV...can I get a little sympathy?

This is what drugs will do to you, kids!

Yeah....this is wierd!

You won't believe the things I've elephants...and all that stuff........duuude!


Jillian said...

Those pictures are too cute. I am glad that you made it home safely. Also glad that little Carson made it through all right.

shauna said...

Hey girl! We want to see pictures from Tennessee! Glad y'all had a good time.