Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello Family!

I recently sent out an email introducing the Blog to some of you. Hi everyone: happy BLOG browsing!
I wanted to tell you all to feel free to leave comments on the Blog. To leave a comment click the "comment" link that apears at the end of each of my entries next to the little pencil. Type your comment in the text box and then click "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT". Thank you all for stopping by!

Love and prayers for you all!

Cutie Pie

Monday, July 30, 2007

New Stuff...

This morning Calista was watching a commercial for BOZ (a christian cartoon) and at the end of the commercial BOZ laughed and Calista said,"Funny!" It was cute!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Little Pride and Joy

So, yes here is my little pride and joy...number one in the nest...eventually to be accompanied by number two...in February. I am excited...and very curious at this point to know the gender...I will be happy either way...but my hope lies with a boy. Not that I don't want another girl...we just have limited room at this time, and I would like the experience of mothering a boy before I have to let my uterus rest for a while. LOL!

Right now my girl, Calista, is nearing 19 months. For those of you without children: that is one year and 7 months....the reason I say this is because, for some reason, in my experience, telling some inquiring non-parent your child's age in x number of months leads them to automatically think "little crawling baby". The other day in the grocery store a sweet old lady asked how old Calista was..."18 and a half months", I responded. Her jaw dropped and she proclaimed...."Oh my, she is walking so good for her age!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that she has been walking for over 6 months now! She may have passed out...giggle!

So anyway, when our second comes Calista will be 2 yrs. and 2months. Great spacing I believe. Calista seems to understand about the baby...One lady in our church asked if she was going to be a Big Sister, and Calista pointed to my belly....I thought that was extraordinary, but I am partial!
She does surprise me everyday, though. Her ever-expanding vocabulary is begining to morph into tiny sentences like..."I see dat", "I like dat", I got it", "car outside", and "I sorry". I am always excited to see what will come next!