Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tanya's Prego Pics- the Sixth Month

Here are the latest prego pics of Tanya...I had to do it really fast cause she had other guests at the time...It was also at night so there was no natual lighting...so they are not the best ever but I wanted to at least get some snapshots taken to document her growth. But I am still planning on taking her somewhere nice to get some much better photos. Maybe Eden State Park!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bye! "sniff" (For A Few Days)

Just a picture of the three of us at the airport yesterday. They will be back friday morning but I miss them already!
Love you guys so much, and have fun!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Weekend Visit

I just wanted to share this picture of my brother and I from this past weekend. And there are some pictures below of him messing around golfing...(of course he's really good just messing around).

This last picture below is one that Jeremy took...yup...looks like he's pretty good with a camra as well as a golf club. It reminds me of a golfing advertisement! Good Job Jeremy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Fall Everyone!

My little Pumpkins...

My Little Man

Here are some adorable pictures of Carson. What a little camra ham!

Bath Pics


Here is a photo I was playing around with: Carson and Calista in a Raulph Lauren advertisement...I guess I thought of it because Carson's shirt is Raulph Lauren. Then there are two more of Carson below...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tanya's Card

Here is the card I made for Tanya congradulating her and letting her know I would be there for her. As you can see on the inside of the card there is a little note for her...below I have typed out what it says there on that little piece of paper...

I'll Be There For You…

When none of your clothes fit you but you don’t really look pregnant yet and you're afraid everyone just thinks you're fat…

When hormones overtake you and you can't even figure out what you are crying about…

When you have a craving for something weird and you need someone to get it for you…

When you have a question and you need to talk to someone who's been there, done that…

When it's 60 degrees out and you think, "Is it just me, or is it burning up out here?" (It's just you. LOL)…

When none of your shoes look right on you anymore due to your painfully swollen ankles (you might as well invest in flip flops)…

When you need someone to paint your toenails cause you can't reach then anymore…

When you need reassurance that you ARE indeed pretty and you do NOT look like a watermelon…
When it takes insane amounts of effort to get in and out of your bed and simple things like sitting down or picking something up off the floor become a great endeavor…

When you need someone to walk a few miles with because your only thought these days is "Get this thing out"…

When pregnancy is no longer fun and you need help counting down the days to delivery…

When you just need a friend to share every milestone with, to laugh and cry with through every unexpected emotion, to give you hugs and kisses, backrubs, homemade meals and sweet chocolatey things...

for the journey,
I'll be there!

Love your Friend: Alina

The Happy Couple...


Well, most of you know that these dear friends of mine are EXPECTING their first baby now! Oooh! I'm excited! Tanya and I have joked about the pregnant dream ever since I've known her (which hasn't been long), but even still, when she told me I could barely contain my myself...I was so happy on her behalf! And I also felt so honored that (besides the doctors and Anthony) I was the first to know! That meant a lot to me...you made me feel really special Tanya! (Love you!)

So anyway, as her friend I just want to do all I can for her...give advice that might be needed, encourage her, find a bunch cute little baby things and "gift" her to death...LOL!

So here (above) are the happy couple...they are not sure exactly how far along she is yet...but probably somewhere in the second to third month area...and Tanya has asked me to take photos each month and keep up with the growth progress. So here is our first little "Photo Shoot"...nothing really fancy...but I have some really cute ideas saved up for when she really starts showing!


Sometimes "someday" comes sooner than you expected...

The Things That Matter

So maybe some of you are wondering, "What in the world happened to Alina...she hasn't blogged in forever!"
Yeah, I know! It would be to personal to try to explain why...but I will just say that there have been issues way more important than blogging that required my attention...and then to be perfectly honest, I just couldn't find the motivation to put something up here. So to those very closest to me...to the very few who know what I'm referring to...Don, Mom and Dad, Tanya and Anthony, Jillian, Shauna...I want you all to know: first of all, thank you for being there for me...and that you continue to be...and just know that it is a very good sign that I am blogging again!
So, you may remember that I was previously ecstatic about my dear friend Tanya moving to a residence that is within walking distance of mine...and as you can see to the left here...They Have! I have blacked out the information on the Sold sign for discrepancy purposes...but you get the point. So I really couldn't be happier...I love Tanya...she such a sweet and giving friend, and Anthony ain't to bad either...LOL! Thank you two for being there for me...I could never ask for more. But you guys know how I feel: no secret there!



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuit De Filles Dehors!

This past thursday night was "Girlz Night Out" honoring the special occasion of the birthdays of two of my close "girlfriends" Tanya (left) and Jillian (right). We went out for Sushi...something I love but I had never gone out to a resteraunt for it. I had only had my brother-in-law's and Jillian's...which were both delicous!
So anyway, we went in my sebring convertable...which made the night even more fun. Jillian doesn't think that she's ever been in a convertable before. It's hard for me to imagine never being in one, cause I love mine and whenever I'm driving...if I'm without the kids and it's not raining...you can pretty much bet that the top will be down. But I will say, I have not ever had the opportunity to ride in a convertable full of girlz...it was a blast! There was, of course, one spot empty. Our friend Shauna was supposed to come with us but was unable to make it...Missed you lots Girl! Hopefully next time you will be with us!

Well as you can probably tell from the pics...we had a lot of fun! Lots of crazy, silly, giddy girl fun! I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to get a little more closely bonded with my Girlz. Jilian is the Sushi Queen (she has tried several varieties of sushi already) so we could ask her advice on what was good and what was delicious! I couldn't believe how good some of that stuff was! Now, up till that night I don't think I have ever had any raw meat of any kind....boy did I make up for it on thursday...I had yellow tail, salmon, tuna, and eel. I know! I know! Eel? But it was so good, and the eel sauce they top it with was really delicious!
So about the birthday stuff! We brought the gifts into the resteraunt...I got the girls some shirts from Aeropostale and some necklaces. Tanya got Jillian a Vera Bradley purse and wallet and Jillian got Tanya a one of a kind Monogramed necklace with monogramed T on one side and "Mon Ami" on the other...which is "My Friend" in French. You should visit the link to the necklace...I am friends with the lady who makes these and she does a scectacular job on them! Lots of creativity there!

So after dinner...the resteraunt staff and half the of resteraunt costumers sang "Happy Birthday" to the girls and gave them their birthday "ice cream" and everyone clapped and screamed and cheered....it was really hillarious and so much fun.

I can't wait for the next occasion shared with you girls...I love you all!

P.S. Nuit De Filles Dehors! in the blog title is Girls Night Out! in French!