Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three happy years!

Today marks the end of the third year that I have been married to my best friend, and the first day of the rest of our life together! Since it is our anniversary today, I thought I would take a few minutes to praise my wonderful husband, and give everyone a little history. Some of you might not know this, but I've known Don since I was 9 years old and at the time he was 16. Yes we are seven years apart. Of course, at the age of nine I was not planning to marry him yet, but he has always been like an older brother to me. Growing up, I was the oldest of eight children (seen in the montage below), and he was always around: playing with us on our farm and spending time with my family. Almost every memory I have as a child, he is somewhere in it. Around thirteen I developed a little crush for him, of course it was one way: he was too old for me at that time in life. Then, at fourteen, my family moved to Delaware and I lived there for five years, missing him, and our time spent together, dearly. Then at nineteen, feeling very nostalgic for everything I had left in my childhood: my Pastor, church, and friends- I came back to Florida to visit. Seeing him (Don) again for the first time after five years...nothing had changed. I still felt the same way about him after all that time and distance. Well, one thing had changed....we were older, and this time the feelings were mutual. I didn't go back to Delaware, except to visit. Then on May 13, 2005 I married, literally, The Man of My Dreams! I'm really serious about that. He is honestly the only one I have ever wanted to marry, and if by some chance I had married someone else, I would have spent the rest of my life wondering: what if?
Now, three years later, I feel the same! I love him now more than ever, and I'm so proud of the man he is and the wonderful husband and father he has become! Love you, Sweetie!

This Montage below are some pictures of my seven siblings several years ago.
Kayla is 21 now! How time flies...miss you guys!

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