Thursday, May 8, 2008

Seeing a Specialist

Not to long ago we took a little trip to a town about 60 miles from where we live so our little baby Carson could see a specialist out there. Not to worry! Nothing really serious...just out of the realm of his pediatrition. He (the pediatrition) ran into a little complication when he was trying to circumcise him, and they said he needs a little reconstructive surgery before they can do the circ. So we had to take him for a checkup, and then in August he'll have the surgery at Sacred Heart. It sounds much worse than it is...but they are gonna have to put him completely under: which of course, I don't like; but what mother would? Above are two pictures from the occation. The first one is Calista getting us an elevater, and the second is Carson enjoying a sticker on the wall while he was laying on the examination table waiting to be seen by the doctor.

Anyway, on the way home we decided to stop at a Dairy Queen. Don stayed in the truck with Casron, while Calista and I went inside to see what we wanted. I told Calista that we could put her ice cream in her little purple tumbler cup for the ride home. Then the cutest thing happened: when we got up to the counter one of the ladies that worked there was cleaning a machine or something and said she'd be with us in a minute to take our order. Then Calista put her cup on the counter and said, "Miss ma'am, could you get us some ice cream, please? Could you put it in my cup, please?" It was so adorable and so polite! I was really proud of her.
I would like to conclude by telling y'all some cute things she says...without going into much explanation. Here are some of her little phrases:
I can't. I'm busy.
I made a messy, mommy. Could you clean it up? I'm being very careful.
I better watch my noggin.
I'm gonna break my neck!
Whoa, baby!
I'm upside down, like an acrabat.
This is an emergency! (from the SAVE-UMS cartoon)
Are you gonna save it to later? (instead of "save it for later")
It's too loud. (Then she turns down the radio or tv....)
I'm just like a duck. (as she waddles like a duck)
I'm just like a frog. (as she hops like a frog)
I'm just like an elephant. (with her arm in front of her like a trunk)
Hold on a second.
How did that happen?
That was excellent, Carson!
Plus she's been using the word "also" in her sentences and the other day she said, "possibly"

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