Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting So Big!

Well I pulled out his little 0-3 month tuxedo again to get a few more pictures before he gets any bigger...and they probably will be the last pictures, because he is growing out of it. Sob, sob! He's growing up so fast! He is three and a half months now. Anyway I could not believe just how cute this one turned out! What a little charmer!
So I think I should update everyone on Carson. He's holding his head up like a pro and can sit up for like two seconds. He's making all kinds of cute little cooing sounds and baby babbling. If you talk to him he will respond and he has been all smiles lately. He is grabbing and reaching for toys and stuff and he's got that hand-to-mouth thing down. Not to mention he has become very observant: checking out all the stuff around him.

Below here are two pictures taken back in April...on the same day as the picture of Calista and the ponies at our friends' house in the county.

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