Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mommy and Me Day

After Carson was born I started something with my daughter: Mommy and Me Day! It's just a day out with mommy alone ...for one on one quality time (Granny watches Carson). I've only done this with Calista so far because Carson is still a little young to enjoy it (lol). I take her out shopping, buy her a few things, get a treat: like ice cream, and share some special fun together. This past thursday was our second Mommy and Me Day. The first one was back in March, but I never posted pics of it...so the second slideshow below is from our first Mommy and Me Day. She still remembers our first one and still talks about what we did...especially the ice cream part and the train ride!

Mommy and Me Day June 2008:

Mommy and Me Day back in March 2008:

P.S. Today is my Sissy's Birthday! Happy 21st Kayla!

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