Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a poem I wrote for all you mommys

A little encouragement to mommys of young children...
The Mommy Thought Bubble:
They wake up at 6:00 crying
there's a spill on the floor
by 10:00 in the morning
(you think) you can't take anymore
Every plead that they make
is made in a whine
you heat up your coffee
for the 20th time
There are dishes from breakfast
and some from last night
you step in the playroom
to break up a fight
There's a diaper to change
and laundry to do
there won't be a moment
in the day left for you
But you take a deep breath
turn and see one child smile
and then in that moment
it is all made worthwhile
So you pull out the vaccum
put in a CD
and know that there's nowhere
you could be more happy
There've been so many moments
and so many times
that bring peace and joy
and laughter to your life
There are crayon colored drawings
you can't buy at the store
and tiny little shoes
lined up by the door
There might be handprints
on the mirrors
and legos on the floor
but these children of yours
you couldn't love more!
So open a window
to let in some fresh air
and watch them play in the yard
with the sun in their hair
cause their shoes will get bigger
the Legos disapear
But these moments and memories
to your heart will be dear!

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