Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Happy Couple...


Well, most of you know that these dear friends of mine are EXPECTING their first baby now! Oooh! I'm excited! Tanya and I have joked about the pregnant dream ever since I've known her (which hasn't been long), but even still, when she told me I could barely contain my myself...I was so happy on her behalf! And I also felt so honored that (besides the doctors and Anthony) I was the first to know! That meant a lot to made me feel really special Tanya! (Love you!)

So anyway, as her friend I just want to do all I can for her...give advice that might be needed, encourage her, find a bunch cute little baby things and "gift" her to death...LOL!

So here (above) are the happy couple...they are not sure exactly how far along she is yet...but probably somewhere in the second to third month area...and Tanya has asked me to take photos each month and keep up with the growth progress. So here is our first little "Photo Shoot"...nothing really fancy...but I have some really cute ideas saved up for when she really starts showing!


Sometimes "someday" comes sooner than you expected...

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