Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don's Birthday

Today (July 15th) is my husband's birthday. He is 30 years old...Smile! But we celebrated it on saturday so the family could be together (it's hard to get us all in the same room). So as a surprise to him, his parents, his younger brother and the kids and I all took him to Olive Garden for lunch. He opened a few gifts from the kids and I, at the table before we ate. The meal was delicious and his his parents, who had never been there before, loved it. I brought a small cake to eat there, but we ended up being so stuffed from the meal that we couldn't even think about desert! That's ok though, because now I can lite the candles on it tonight in honor of his actual birthday.

Also, as an extra special something, his parents took the kids for the remainder of the afternoon so that Don and I could to spend some quality time together just doing a little fun shopping here and there. We went to four stores and a coffee shop called Maas. I had origonally planned for us to catch the sunset on the beach in the evening, but it was raining all day so those plans didn't happen. But when you have kids, it's just fun to be alone together...you don't even need to go somewhere "special". Even Walmart ends up being pretty fun when you're not holding a grocery list and a calculater! Of course the coffee shop was special. For one, we wouldn't have even fit in that place with two kids! Just kidding...but it was pretty small. And then there was this pretty little garden spot, with benches, a brick path, and a white archway behind the shopping strip where the Maas shop was. You will see it in the pictures. I never knew it was back there. I'll probably take calista there some day and get some old-timey pictures. It would be so perfect for that!

So anyway, thank you Mom and Dad for taking the kids for a little while. It was nice to have that time together and we had a lot of fun! It reminded me of when we were dating.

Well here are the pics of the day....in the montage below! All my love to everyone far away...you are missed and loved. Enjoy the pictures...

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