Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello Again!

Well it has been a very long time since I posted, and I'm sure you all are wondering "what happened?" Two things: First our camra's motor decided to just quit on us....and it's about as much to fix as it would be just to buy a new camra....and our computer was displaying some problems as well, so I have only been on to check my mail...and I've been doing that at my in-laws house. In fact, the pics I will post today are ones I took with their camra. Anyway, so sorry about the incredible wait....I hated it too. Well, Calista is just growing by leaps and bounds. And she has a birthday this month as well....on the 30th! Our baby will be two, can you believe it? Here are some adorable beach pics for you all to enjoy!

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GrandmaK said...

I could not be any prouder of Calista or of you and Don, honey! You are all such wonderful blessings to me... Love ya so very much... Mama