Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Devopements

Here I am at five months pregnant with my second baby. I am really looking forward to all of this. Having one child is wonderful, but adding a sibling to the equation gives more meaning to the word "family", don't you think? I can't wait to see the two of them play together....and then there's the inevitable "sibling rivalry". But I suppose the fact that I am the oldest of eight children, would never allow me to have only one child! No. Now, I may not have eight children...but I think I'd like at least five.

And I think Calista is also looking forward to the arrival of her sister or brother. She is always rubbing my belly and kissing it saying, "baby" and "belly". When I ask her about wanting the baby to come out, she gets really excited. Plus whenever she's around a new little baby...all she wants to do is hug and kiss and hold the baby. And I haven't seen any jealousy spring up yet, when I hold another baby....Good, I'm glad!

As for Calista's development: she's no baby anymore....(a little sad, but mostly exciting). She used to do this babbling thing where she'd
let out a whole string of non-existing words. I'm sure she knew what she was saying..LOL. Anyway, I noticed that she hasn't done that in a long time....everything that comes out of her mouth is an actual word, and she knows a lot of them! She can repeat just about any word you ask her to, including two, and some three syllable words! She remembers things from a while ago and can put several thoughts together. She's doing those wooden puzzles with no problem, she unscrews and screws lids, puts her sandals on by herself. She says 1, 2, 3 and a, b, c consecutively by herself. She remembers some words and actions to songs...and knows or can copy sign some language (whatever she has learned from her Baby Einstein Signing video). That's all I can remember at this present time, so I guess I'll conclude here. God Bless y'all!
P.S. we will know the baby's gender on October 9th...I'll keep you posted.
Picture Above: Calista at Johny Rockets
with mommy....

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GrandmaK said...

Love that b&w pic of you girl.... looks a bit familiar for some reason...giggle..wink... ya...Mama