Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here is the 3D Sonogram...

Well, with a about month left to go, I'll soon be be packing up that cute bag I just bought, throwing it in the back of my trunk and awaiting the day when we can hold a brand new little precious boy. And "that day" is going to be way sooner than later. I am due the 25th of next any thing could happen between now and then. So exciting! Isn't he cute, by the way? Amazing that one could even tell that from a sonogram...but those 3D Sonos are just awesome! So there he is: sleeping. As you can imagine I'm experiencing some real nesting now, and so has calista...LOL. Lately, a day rarely goes by without her making some comment about "Carson coming out!" Sometimes, with no warning, she will just approach my growing belly with a big hug and a pat...and then with a cute little sigh say, "I luv u so much , Carson!" I think she's getting the "big sister fever" (if there is such a thing) and I think there is. Smile. You should see her putting together little outfits for him and hear her say, "Carson wear this".

In October Calista started counting to ten, and the other day we heard her rattling off 8-10 consecutive letters of the alphabet. She's not saying the whole 26 letter bunch yet, but that's not far off.

The last time I wrote about any of her developements she was only saying 2 or 3 word sentences. Not only is she now speaking in full understandable sentences, but she is holding full conversations and relaying back information from days or weeks ago. For instance, she came home from Granny's one day with a boo boo on her knee and told me, "I fall down at granny's house, outside, playing bubbles. it hurts...kiss it, mommy." And for two weeks everytime she would see that little scrape on her knee it would remind her, and she would tell me the whole story again. Including the part: "it hurts...kiss it, mommy." which she would say with a "fake sad face". You know the one with the little smirk included...till I would kiss it...again, and then a huge smile would spread acrossed her face, like, "I got mommy to kiss it again. giggle!" She's been displaying some real drama queen tendancies lately.

On that subject, I love to hear her playing...she has some imagination! Sometimes I'll walk by her room and hear her talking to her baby doll in a"fake crying voice" saying , "Don't cry, Emma. Don't worry. It's ok. Lay down right here." Or she will be telling her animals, "Sit down, animals. Don't talk in church. Be quiet." Sometimes she will pause for a long momment, look at them again, and again command them, "Be quiet!" like she heard them talking. Funny.

The other day she was playing with my metal eyelash curler and I saw her sliding it acrossed the floor saying, "zoom, zoom! a going to da hospital on a bicycle. zoom, zoom!"

Sometimes she will pick up a phone or calculater and hold imaginary phone conversations with daddy or an!

She really cracks me up when she is really talking on the phone to Granny (or someone), and she holds one of her toys up close to the phone and says, "look Granny." She thinks you can see through the phone as well as hear through it.

Anyway, I guess I will conclude with this: We have revival this week so we were in church last night, and when we started the invitation hymn Calista walked to the alter, knelt down in the praying position for a second or two, and then got up and came back to our pew. We sit on the front row, so it wasn't a far walk. It was so adorable!

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