Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Organize or Die!

Well I'm back...I know it's been a few days since I checked in, a week actually! Yesterday they started a Vacation Bible School at my Church that will last till Friday. Then comes the weekend (which takes a toll). Yesterday I tried to take back controll of my house...Explaination? Well I have a long list comprised of: of scrubbing bathrooms, mopping floors, vaccuming, laundry, dishes, cleaning the stove, organizing.....you know the routine~~And I am trying to cross them all off before I have to start all over again if you know what I mean! There is something about me you should know: I am a Neat Freak! The lack of orginazation and order, mostly in my own home, just about depresses me. Whereas a freshly cleaned house is like a shot in the arm. So when I get behind and things start piling up on me I have to do something....and QUICK! LOL!! So all of yesterday was spent on trying to bite a huge chunk out of my list of duties. Plus I clean our church, which is a good 9-10 hours out of the week....Thank God for Grandma....She practically begs me to watch Calista. Which She doesn't have to, of coarse, But I love that she's willing, cause it's really helped me out a lot. And while some days, I am almost brought to tears by the sight of my daughter leaving me...I know how must faster I can work without her there. It's funny, you know, it doesn't matter how tough a day I've had with my blooming toddler, I'm still a little sad to see her go, even though I might need the break.
So I just wanted to say it may be a little bit before I write or it could be tomorrow- Never know....just check in on us.

Love and prayers to all our family and friends.....and an "I miss you!" to all our long-distance loved ones!
"Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bear thee shall rejoice." Proverbs 23:25 KJV Bible

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