Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Little Pride and Joy

So, yes here is my little pride and joy...number one in the nest...eventually to be accompanied by number February. I am excited...and very curious at this point to know the gender...I will be happy either way...but my hope lies with a boy. Not that I don't want another girl...we just have limited room at this time, and I would like the experience of mothering a boy before I have to let my uterus rest for a while. LOL!

Right now my girl, Calista, is nearing 19 months. For those of you without children: that is one year and 7 months....the reason I say this is because, for some reason, in my experience, telling some inquiring non-parent your child's age in x number of months leads them to automatically think "little crawling baby". The other day in the grocery store a sweet old lady asked how old Calista was..."18 and a half months", I responded. Her jaw dropped and she proclaimed...."Oh my, she is walking so good for her age!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that she has been walking for over 6 months now! She may have passed out...giggle!

So anyway, when our second comes Calista will be 2 yrs. and 2months. Great spacing I believe. Calista seems to understand about the baby...One lady in our church asked if she was going to be a Big Sister, and Calista pointed to my belly....I thought that was extraordinary, but I am partial!
She does surprise me everyday, though. Her ever-expanding vocabulary is begining to morph into tiny sentences like..."I see dat", "I like dat", I got it", "car outside", and "I sorry". I am always excited to see what will come next!

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